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JAGUAR LITE Tips and Notes

  • JAGUAR LITE is designed for MW DX use only.
  • JAGUAR LITE is a spin-off of its big brother project JAGUAR, and it contains less than 5% of the features, and its playbar & toolbar GUI only. All the features of the toolbar are not available in the LITE version.
  • If you have any startup problems with JAGUAR LITE, delete SYSTEM.INI and try again.
  • JAGUAR LITE's calibration cannot be used in PERSEUS.EXE and vice versa. If you want to use or analyze exact offsets, check the current file's calibration always first before offset monitoring. Do not ever include offsets in your loggings if you are not absolutely sure about calibration.
  • JAGUAR LITE has only one audio filter available: there are no filter tuning/notch options available. Therefore, the audio filter may not be optimal on many frequencies, and far from optimal on some frequencies. However, it nevertheless offers decent sharp audio on most cases and is good enough for the first-check purposes in MW DXing.
  • You can modify the [MESTOR] section in JAGUAR.INI as desired. See the section on MESTOR and see how to use the scripting language.
  • JAGUAR LITE supports the bandwidth of 2 MHz only. The default center frequency is 1000. You can change the center frequency by setting SET fq/5 in the [MESTOR] section of JAGUAR.INI. "5" refers to the bandwidth of 2 MHz in the MESTOR syntax.
  • Some functions may require the MESTOR filename format in order to work properly. Thus, files recorded with PERSEUS.EXE may not be supported.
  • The utility software LIFESAVER.EXE is included in the Full Installation package. Do not start it manually, just keep it in your JAGUAR LITE folder if you want to achieve an uptime of nearly 100%. LIFESAVER can recover your setup from Perseus hardware power breaks, hardware and I/O exceptions, program crashes and hangs, even if they happen during recording. So, no UPS needed if you just run JAGUAR LITE on a laptop using its internal hard disk.
  • The keyboard shortcut keys available can be displayed by pressing the H (HELP) key.
  • If you minimize JAGUAR LITE into the Windows notification area (by pressing the Minimize trayball on the toolbar), sometimes Windows may hide the JAGUAR LITE trayball in a pop-up icon window in the notification area. You can prevent this by right-clicking the Windows taskbar and selecting Properties. Choose the Taskbar tab and click "Customize..." in the Notification area section. Then select the "Show icon and notifications" option for JAGUAR.exe. 
  • JAGUAR LITE may not work on all computers (especially modern platforms may be troublesome). If so, you may try with higher perseususb.dll versions (some can be found in the download center). The JAGUAR LITE Full Package contains perseususb.dll V3.6. On modern hardware, perseususb.dll V3.8 may perform better than the latest V3.9.
  • If you want JAGUAR LITE to start automatically when you boot your computer, use LIFESAVER.EXE as follows:
    • Create a shortcut to LIFESAVER.EXE and move it to the "Startup" folder of Windows. Do not create a shortcut directly to JAGUAR.EXE.
    • LIFESAVER.EXE will start JAGUAR LITE after a delay so that also USB drivers have enough time to be loaded first by Windows. This function is particularly useful if you have upgraded to Windows 10 which forces automatic Windows updates (sometimes followed by a forced reboot). Naturally, you also have to configure your Windows to make an automatic log-on so that it does not hang there at startup (please google for instructions with a search string of "Configure a User Account to Log On Automatically")
  • If you use an external hard drive for recording, there are three important tips for optimal performance:
    • Before use, please format the drive using the cluster (block) size of 64 kB
    • Turn off indexing: (My) Computer > Right-click the drive icon > Properties > General > Uncheck the option for indexing 
    • Enable disk cache: Computer Management > Device Manager > Disk Drives > right-click the drive icon > Properties > Policies > Enable Write caching (if it is disabled).
  • If you experience audio breaks/stuttering, try switching on JAGUAR LITE's optional setting of SLOWCPU: TOOLBAR > SETTINGS > choose SLOWCPU. This should provide a remarkable decrease in the CPU load.